About Jacob Gitman

Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur

Jacob Gitman is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur who lives in Florida, USA. He holds a PhD in Solid State Physics from the Russian Academy of Sciences, which he received after completing an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mining at the Moscow Mining Institute. Following his participation in a science exchange program at Stanford University, Gitman moved to the US in 1992.

While successful in the world of business, Gitman’s true passion lies in science and discovery. He loves to create new, innovative devices and to accomplish the unprecedented. Along with his partners, Gitman has nearly 20 patent applications to his name on inventions ranging from an electronic defect analyzer, an apparatus for growing biomass, and ways of growing bio cultures to the creation of continuous pyrolysis and the stimulation of rainfall. He also has written prolifically in both English and Russian scientific publications on subjects including renewable energy and how to tackle water crises in developing nations.

In 1998 Gitman opened VGM International, Inc., when the internet was merely in its infancy. The company was one of the first to assimilate VOIP into the international arena. He sold his assets in the company and decided to reinvest the funds in the field of aviation, which remains one of his favorite hobbies.

From 2006, he served as the president of Signet International, LLC. The company focuses on cross-industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM modules, enabling digital transformation for corporate clients.

Gitman was the president of Athena Medical Group, which has 12 medical centers throughout Florida as well as in Chile and Brazil. It is the only organization with outpatient facilities conducting cardiovascular surgeries using robotics technologies

Besides aviation, Gitman also enjoys fishing and boating, so much so that he founded the company Your Charter Solution, a business for booking yacht trips.

Gitman has three sons—David, Jon, and Larry—and appreciates having them involved in his companies and working together with them. He lives in Florida and is proud to be an active member of the Chabad of Sunny Isles.

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