Jacob Gitman’s Patented Electrical Energy Transmission System

Scientist Jacob Gitman created a patent for an electrical energy transmission system. The device converts a three-phase electric signal generated by a three-phase power source to further transmit the electrical energy down to a single line.   Background Converting a three-phase electrical signal down to a single line can help reduce power lines for underground

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Jacob Gitman’s Patented Bullet-Resistant Wearable Article

Jacob Gitman patented a device that can be used as a bulletproof backpack or a bulletproof vest—together or separately. It is versatile and adaptable in situations where protection may be needed to quickly and effectively cover more points on the human body. Traditional bullet-resistant wearable articles require the user to separate the parts and put

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Device For Measuring Body Temperature

Scientist Jacob Gitman created a patent for a safe temperature measuring device. The device is a contactless infrared thermometer equipped with a laser pointer. It is spot-positioned on the operator’s head and is operated at a safe distance from the subject to provide a remote temperature reading. BackgroundAs the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe,

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