Jacob Gitman’s Patented Bullet-Resistant Wearable Article

Jacob Gitman patented a device that can be used as a bulletproof backpack or a bulletproof vest—together or separately. It is versatile and adaptable in situations where protection may be needed to quickly and effectively cover more points on the human body.

Traditional bullet-resistant wearable articles require the user to separate the parts and put them on over the head. This is particularly inconvenient in hostile environments where urgent protection is needed and where the situation may progress too quickly for such steps to be practical, especially for children or older people. Gitman’s invention allows the user to turn the wearable bullet-resistant backpack into a bulletproof vest without removing the bag from the shoulders and by simply pulling a ring.

The invention consists of several connecting parts, such as buttons, a magnet, a zipper, a hook, and a loop fastener. The components allow the user to wear the article in various positions to provide the required protection with little time and effort.

The invention is useful for all individuals, from military personnel and police officers to children and celebrities.

For more info about this patent by Jacob Gitman: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20210140744

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