Jacob Gitman’s Patented Electrical Energy Transmission System

Scientist Jacob Gitman created a patent for an electrical energy transmission system. The device converts a three-phase electric signal generated by a three-phase power source to further transmit the electrical energy down to a single line.



Converting a three-phase electrical signal down to a single line can help reduce power lines for underground or overhead cable systems. It is a practical way to reduce costs and material but to still deliver the appropriate amount of electrical energy without losses.

The ability to provide a stable amount of power without relying on three wires is highly convenient and practical. Delivering the power effectively through the electrical energy transmission system means that this energy can reach the consumer or load without depending on the bulk and cost of a three-wire system, particularly when delivering power over long distances. The energy storage device can produce power at a steady rate despite energy output fluctuations from the power source, typical of solar power plants and wind turbine farms.


Practical Applications

Some of the potential practical applications of the electrical energy transmission system patent include areas where not enough room exists for bulky three-line systems, low-cost housing that requires lower-cost utilities, places where fluctuating energy sources such as solar and wind are used, industrial areas with significant power needs, and all other places where high amounts of stable and efficient power are required.

For more information about this and other Jacob Gitman patents: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20170288571

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