Jacob Gitman’s Method and System of Launching A Projectile for Destroying a Target

The innovative method and system patented by Jacob Gitman and Svetlana Bronshtein aims to improve upon the methods and systems of launching a projectile for destroying a target. The most conventional method that exists thus far includes the explosion of detonators in response to a strike against an object which creates a hole in the object. Gitman and Bronshtein’s patented method recognizes that in order to destroy an enemy, the detonator should strike a large area with a significant amount of force. In order to achieve this, the detonation must be triggered at a certain height rather than in response to a strike against an object. The innovative method includes features such as estimating, determining, and transmitting steps in the vicinity of the launching apparatus.


For more info about this patent by Jacob Gitman: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20210140744

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