System and Method for Stimulating Rainfall

The patented system and method of rainfall stimulation, invented by Nathan Blaunshtein, Alexander Bronshtein, Jacob Gitman, and Sergey Pulinets, was made to create a system and method of rainfall stimulation that improves upon existing models of the same type. To create this system, a large number of elements that conduct electricity are constructed so that when they are supplied with a high voltage, a high voltage electric field is generated and gas molecules are ionized in the atmosphere.  The ionized gas molecules then attract water and eventually form clouds that produce rainfall.  Gitman’s system, unlike current methods, is an efficient, stable, and effective methods which creates clouds.

The most similar method to Gitman’s is one with a single vertical electrically conducting element. However, Gitman’s method involves a large number of electrically conducting elements that cover a larger horizontal area, eliminating the possibility for local instabilities that take energy away from the ionization of gas molecules.

For more information about this and other Jacob Gitman patents:


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