Jacob Gitman's Patents

System and Method for Stimulating Rainfall

The patented system and method of rainfall stimulation, invented by Nathan Blaunshtein, Alexander Bronshtein, Jacob Gitman, and Sergey Pulinets, was made to create a system and method of rainfall stimulation that improves upon existing models of the same type. To create this system, a large number of elements that conduct electricity are constructed so that

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Jacob Gitman’s Patented Electrical Energy Transmission System

Scientist Jacob Gitman created a patent for an electrical energy transmission system. The device converts a three-phase electric signal generated by a three-phase power source to further transmit the electrical energy down to a single line.   Background Converting a three-phase electrical signal down to a single line can help reduce power lines for underground

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Jacob Gitman’s Patented Bullet-Resistant Wearable Article

Jacob Gitman patented a device that can be used as a bulletproof backpack or a bulletproof vest—together or separately. It is versatile and adaptable in situations where protection may be needed to quickly and effectively cover more points on the human body. Traditional bullet-resistant wearable articles require the user to separate the parts and put

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Device For Measuring Body Temperature

Scientist Jacob Gitman created a patent for a safe temperature measuring device. The device is a contactless infrared thermometer equipped with a laser pointer. It is spot-positioned on the operator’s head and is operated at a safe distance from the subject to provide a remote temperature reading. BackgroundAs the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe,

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